The Best Spray Can Rack Available!


The Best Spray Can Rack Available!

The Rack Assembles In Seconds With Easy To Follow Instructions.

Your new aerosol can rack can be assembled and ready to use in less than a minute – with no tools required!  It will hold a variety of spray cans from paint to adhesives to lubricants to – well, pretty much whatever you have.

The Organizer Configures To Your Workspace

This uniquely designed spray can organizer can be wall mounted, attached to a pegboard or freestanding on a work bench depending on individual needs.  Your order comes complete with hardware for wall mounting on either wood or drywall.

A Truly Superior Quality Product

Your aerosol can rack will last for years thanks to its durable, black, powder coated finish giving it excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

Space Savings With The Aerorack Spray Can Rack

Many customers tell us how much they appreciate the savings in table, bench or wall space that the Aerorack provides.  Spray cans in our rack can be located close to where needed, neatly organized and quickly accessed.

What Our Customers are Saying:

“When I told my boss we needed to organize the large number of spray cans in our art department, the choices were limited and everything we looked at was too expensive.  Then we found your racks and he immediately ordered three!”
Julia in Pennsylvania

product development, art director

“It’s like a wine rack for spray paint.  Cool!”
Scott in California

physician and master woodworker

“Brilliant!  Thrilled to have easy and accessible storage for spray cans in my studio space.  No more sorting through shelving to find what I’m looking for.”
Emily in New York

independent artist and teacher

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Do you currently have any spray can racks available with a larger storage capacity?
A: The current twenty can rack was designed to fit most customer needs. For those desiring greater storage capacity, we suggest using racks mounted or staged in multiples.  If customer feedback indicates there is a demand for racks with greater capacity, we’ll make them! 

Q: Is there any discount offered for purchasing multiple storage racks?
A: Definitely!  Please contact us with the number of units you desire and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss our volume discount rates!

Q: Are the spray can organizers available in any other colors besides black?
A: Currently, the aerosol can holders are only available with a powder coated, gloss black finish.

Q: How do I go about mounting my Aerorack to a masonry wall?
A: All that is needed is a standard electric drill, any type of masonry anchor or screw and a corresponding size masonry bit.  These items are readily available at hardware stores and big box home centers.

Q: My spray can rack appears to have been damaged in shipping and the two parts won’t align for assembly.  What can I do     A: We will send you a replacement rack today at no charge!  Please give us a call today!