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Forward Thinking

While Aerorack was originally designed with the tradesperson in mind, it became clear early on that Aerorack also offers convenient storage solutions for art studios, automotive garages, hair salons, and a variety of other places where aerosol cans are used.

Problem Solvers

The Aerorack is capable of storing MORE CANS in LESS SPACE for LESS MONEY than any competing product on the market today. Check out the competition and we’re confident you’ll come back to Aerorack!

Customer Support

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Our Story

Aerorack is the brainchild of a lifelong do-it-yourselfer with a passion for the building trades.  When no suitable product could be found to organize and store his burgeoning inventory of spray cans, Aerorack was born.  Like many great innovations over the years, it had its humble beginnings in a garage!

Over time, the patent pending design has evolved and now allows for not only wall mounting, but peg board applications as well as freestanding use on a work bench.  If you’re looking to get organized or are not happy with your current method of storing aerosols, give Aerorack a try.  We are confident you will be pleased.

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